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This month will see the fourth message sent to the Members of Parliament. We are planning another two messages over the co ming months. We are in the process of drafting a guide for firearm owners to use in approaching their local Member, after we have co mpleted the centralised lobbying. We have met twice with Police this year to progress our discussion on Police policy. We are preparing to present information at the UN on the how successful New Zealand Firearms Legislation has been to highlight how successful our risk management has been relative to the enforcement co st when co mpared with other states.

This is due for discussion in July of this year and will then feed into the review of the Program of Action in August. It is our intent to represent a positive view on the benefit of appropriate firearms co ntrols. While it would be ideal to be present at both discussions we believe it is prudent to only be present at one. At this time it is felt our efforts are best put into the Program of Action review as this is likely to co ver the work that has been done over the last 4 years on standardising all levels of Firearms legislation, not just the transfer between states.

Enought to keep most Gun Collectors or Zombie Hunters amused for hours. Pakistan made MP5 have in the past have had a poor reputation, needing two hands to change the selector, poor fit etc. With such a short barrel just think of what the muzzle blast would be like. The G3 is E cat and is is worth more than the much rearer MC Legislation rushed into law in a circus of shrill grandstanding, betrayal of trust and general ignorance.

This led to the general state of co nfusion and frustration that we now find ourselves in. Thusly the last amendment legislation was born broken. Even John Banks has stated so publicly. The new amendment bill currently proposed is just string to make a dead cat look like it can dance. The original law that Banks so utterly undermined was written with genuine co nsultation with shooters. It was great. It was a disaster. Both shooters and the Police know the rules and have a workable system.

Yet the Police now want to throw us back into a world of co nfusion. Not looks. The same applies to guns. Yet our law divides arms and their ownership not by ability but by how they look. No wonder there have been so many problems centred around this area. What other New Zealand law categorizes by co smetic appearance rather than reality of use?

Style over substance. How unworkable is a classification that requires the use of images because words fail. I would suggest that anything that needs pictures AND the ability to make things up as they go along is demonstrably stupid and unworkable. This is why so many shooters opposed these unneeded new changes in submissions to the select co mmittee looking at this mess.

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I sat in as one representative after another announced their respective shooting discipline and then said NO on behalf of their members. The co mmittee nodded and smiled and then ignored every submission to essentially back the Police without question. The Bill has now had a se co nd reading. Ignorance of the law is no excuse …..

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Unless you are a Police prosecutor. We have seen case after case like this. I can only imagine the true co sts of this stupidity before they finally announced they were utterly wrong. I had thought that the regulations regarding the safe storage of firearms were clear in law but on Trademe it specifies areas where a certain safe being sold is acceptable and where it is not.

Some Arms officers OK it while others do not. The Arms office can offer a rainbow of opinion and advice. If we pick wrong we can lose our house in a nuisance prosecution that even George Orwell would shake his head at. Shooters urged the co mmittee to make any new laws clear, workable and robust. Or to leave the current rules that work.

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Otherwise more shooters will be ground in the gears of the legal system until the NEW new playing field is established. If guilty criminals can benefit from legal aid why cant lawful shooters have a real world advocate with teeth? It is people — It is people — It is people ….. As a wise Kiwi once said.

In general, New Zealand has workable gun laws that are the envy of the world because they focus on the person. When we divert from that simple, logical structure then we strike trouble.

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Loss of respect and trust for the Police. LOOKS like and you can go to jail. Surely these two surreal rules can be removed without opposition during the current process? I wrote to the Prime Minister, who passed it to the Police Minister. I wrote to the Police Minister who passed it to the co mmittee. What an energy draining mess.

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Are they even mentioned in this current Bill? It only has the potential to make criminals out of the law abiding? Toy Control How can the Police keep a straight face and suggest banning toy guns in this Bill? How many children have been found playing with a real machine gun in this co untry?

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Not one. So if Police do roll up on kids playing tag what are the odds that the responding officers face a real weapon that co uld cause a dangerous incident? This is not Iraq. We are not living in a war zone.

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This argument is nonsense. But what if criminals use them to rob banks? If criminals are going to do what they DO, I would rather they did it with something that can only hurt my feelings. Rather than kill me, my loved ones or the Police who respond. What am I missing here? Crims in this co untry can always get guns. Or make guns. Or fake guns.

We know this from numerous examples in our history and our present reality. Are they next? British Police shot a disabled person who used his crutch to open a curtain. It was long and metal looking. This makes breasts many times more dangerous than any game of tag I played as kid with Airsoft. University Graduates. Always free new adverts. Our site is free of external advertising.

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